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RAW HONEY AVAILABLE     call 281-757-3034

2 lb. $12

1 gallon $52

 As we always try to encourage our children to tackle on new project, last year our 12 years old son came up with a beekeeping idea. From the start we knew that its an excellent project that will perfectly support our sustainable farm. As we are all aware the decline of the bee population is a worldwide concern. Bees are a vital part of our natural ecosystems as they are responsible for the pollination of many fruits, vegetables and other species. Over 85% of crops grown for human consumption rely on bees and few other insects  pollinate them to increase yields and quality.

Our farm is a home to 5 beehives with close to 70,000 hardworking bees. 

    Benefits of Honey:

  • alleviates allergies

  • rich in Antioxidants

  • improve cholesterol

  • can help lower blood pressure

  • antibacterial and antifungal

  • cough suppresant

  • great for skin and hair