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Micro piglets
Micro Pig Female

Tree House Farm Micro Pigs are  $400.  Call or email us to reserve your place on the waiting list queue for the next available piglet(s). For the safety of our piglets and your full satisfaction, we do not ship our piglets. We require you to pick up your new family member in-person to create the bond at the first sight. 



What you should know before you add a micro pig to your household?


How much will the piggy weight when fully grown?

All of our pigs are between 13-18 inches. Pigs are not considered full-grown until they are 3 years old.  Any pig is capable of getting overweight if overfed and it is the owners' responsibility to carefully manage their pig's food intake and daily exercise routine.


What shots does the pig come with? 


Our piglets will not come with any shots. It is important that you check with your local vet about any shots that they would recommend for your area. 


Are the pigs healthy?


We care for our pigs health by feeding them proper micro pigs' food and by providing a lot of daily activities and keeping them on regular worming program. 


What will my piglet need?


You should supply a bed for your baby along with a blanket.  Pigs love blankets and they will drag them around or cover themselves up in them to keep warm.  You should also have a small kennel or playpen where you can place you new pet when you are not at home until you are sure it understands and respects the house rules. Pigs can be potty trained so a litter box would be great to start with.  Be aware that little piglets will go through an initial period of screaming when picked up, this is a normal response.  She/he will also need a small food/water bowl and you can start leash walking training as soon as your little piglet is comfortable in his new home. If you are feeding pig feed, make sure it is miniature pig food as commercial pig feed was designed for farm/slaughter pigs making them grow large and quickly.  




                                                        -WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON PIGLETS-

                                                                             -ALL SALES ARE FINAL-



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