Miniature Zebu

     In 2016 during our annual visit to Houston Rodeo we came across the cutest miniature cow, the Zebu. It was love at first sight. We knew that the small size, 34-42 inches tall at maturity, the longest eyelashes I have ever seen on a cow and the sweetest personality was exactly what we were looking for in a new farm addition. It took us several months to find the breeder with the perfect Zebu for our family. In September 2017 we were proud owners of miniature Zebu bull Little Joe- Willburt. Willburt was a bit shy at first around adults but he had this special connection, bond with our 9 years old daughter. She just have the gift of calming the animal and understanding their natural instincts. Our little Tree House Farm "animal whisperer." As the time passed and our love for the sweet bull grew, we decided that a small herd of Zebu grazing on our pasture would be a dream come true. We knew exactly that if we were to add a Zebu it has to be from the same breeder. We were patiently waiting until the right cows became available. Our patience paid off. We are now happy owners of 2 beautiful and sweet cows Zasha, Willow and a 2 months old bull named Willie. 

IMG_9145 (1).jpg