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         Golden Mountain Dogs



Tree House Farm is a small hobby kennel situated in a country setting on 15 acres of nature trails with two ponds for our dogs to enjoy. The goal of Tree House Farm is to have a small number of quality, well trained Bernese Mountain Dogs. Breeding is based on producing temperament, trainability, and health, with beauty. We carefully select the sire based on genetics, performance, and conformation. Our kennel currently owns four Bernese Mountain Dogs. Tree House Farm have a holistic approach in raising our animals, especially dogs. We use natural remedies, herbs, and aromatherapy to improve our dogs health and wellness. 




We strongly believe that by giving our puppies opportunity to develop emotionally, socially and physically we give them a good start in life and strong base for future training. During the first 8 weeks puppies are exposed to variety of activities and exercises that are necessary to enable an optimal learning experience. Our goal is to develop strong and positive bond to humans, build their confidence and to foster enthusiasm for future training. We offer our puppies a good balance of human interaction with great amount of time to interact and to learn social skills with and from their litter mates and their mother.

 Most of all we offer unlimited LOVE to all of our pups.


Preliminary vaccinations is completed prior to leaving at  8 weeks of age. Puppies are dewormed at 2, 4 and 6 weeks.




          Golden Mountain Dog

Golden Mountain Dog is a designer breed made up of a purebred Golden Retriever and purebred Bernese Mountain Dog. We came across Golden Mountain Dog three years ago while visiting friends up North and since then we knew one day this hybrid will be a part of our breeding program. We absolutely love Goldens and we can't imagine life without Bernese Mountain Dogs and we find the cross of those both amazing breeds to be the best of both worlds. GMD is a giant breed that weighs around 80-120 pounds. Their fur is dense and fluffy. Most GMD are bi-color (black and brown or black and white)  tri-color ( black- white-brown)  fully black or golden color. GMD is kind-hearted, caring, easy-going and loyal. Highly intelligent breed that learns quickly and always tries to please the owner. Like any crossbreed, GMD enjoys better health than purebreds. 


          Our Bernese Mountain Dogs









Oso- Chester CGC is double registered AKC and FCI handsome 114 pounds Bernese Mountain Dog. He is a very affectionate and gentle male. Very friendly and always ready to play. He is the baby in the family. He is a moderate energy dog.  Excellent with children and small animals. Patient, intelligent and caring.  Oso is very responsive to training and eager to learn.   Oso- Chester comes from an excellent European pedigree. He is sired by multi-titled Mountain Crystal Diamond Extra River and Ksena Psi Gwiazdozbior. Very healthy pedigree with long lifespan. 4 generations free of dysplasia 


Etna Czar Wiosny CGC is 4 years old gorgeous gentle nature female. Etna is very calm and loving. She adores children and is very gentle around them. Etna has very strong motherly instincts and she watches over all of our puppies. She is sweet and very devoted to our family. Etna has very agreeable temperament and she makes great friends with all of our dogs
Etna is sired by titled European parents. Her 4 generation pedigree is free of dysplasia. 
Kalipso Milosc w Trikolorze FCI/AKC CGC "Isla" is my personal favorite dog ever.  She has changed our life forever. She is a beauty inside out. Sweet, gentle and very loyal. Very affectionate towards our family as well as anyone who visit us. She loves giving hugs and she always has the most beautiful smile on her face. Perfect family companion. 
Isla is like a real life plush,  always ready to cuddle. She is just ideal in every way. Excellent European pedigree free of heart disease and hip dysplasia.  
Harley Jarzebina Bernleono FCI/AKC  like all of our Bernese Mountain Dogs traveled over 5500 miles straight from Europe to be with us. Sired by both Champion Parents.
Harley has very kind and playful nature. She is sensitive and intuitive. She has a very gentle approach to children. Best playmate to all of our dogs. 
Four generations free of hip and elbow dysplasia.
                                                    Oso, Etna, Isla   OFA/CEAR - NORMAL

                                                     Puppy Application Process:


1. Submit Puppy Application Questionnaire

2.  We will review it and contact you with any additional questions we may have

3. After approval put down a $300 non-refundable deposit using PayPal

4. Weekly  puppy updates will be sent as text or email (photos, videos)

5. Puppies will be ready for pick up at 8 weeks







                                                                     Our Policy

- Non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve a puppy or to be added to the waitlist. Deposit is only refundable if we can't provide the gender you requested at the time of placing a deposit

-The remaining balance is due 7 days before puppy pick up ( check, cashiers check)or on the day you pick up your puppy as cash only

- All puppies are ready for a loving home by  8 weeks. If you are not able to pick up your puppy on time we do offer puppy care past 9 weeks at the rate of $25 per day 

-We do not give a guarantee when it comes to the color of your puppy. If your preferred color is not available, you may pick from the remainder of the litter or forfeit your deposit

- Pick of the Litter refers to the right to choose first a puppy in a litter.  Litter constitute of 2 or more live puppies.

-All puppies comes with 48hrs health guarantee

- All Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are sold as companions only, no registration, on  spay/neuter contract

-We accept deposit thru PayPal only 


-  We reserve the right to refuse to place a puppy to anyone at anytime if we feel it's not the right fit









    We don't accept applications at this time.

Please check with us end of 2021 for updates

                                    Thank you!