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Nubian Goats


If you look at our gallery pictures  you will know why the Nubian goats are our favorite!  When we first started considering goats  the Nubians caught our attention right away. The floppy long ears and curious faces. Our Nubian goats are affectionate, curious, intelligent and full of life.



Each of our goats has a unique personality. They love attention , and are quite trainable.  They are great dual purpose goats. Nubians milk taste amazing! Very smooth and fresh, with a bit of  sweetness without any sort of aftertaste. Nubians  have a very strong herd instinct, that requires them to live with other animals in order to thrive. Its always wise to buy two goats. 


If you are considering adding Nubian goat to your animal family you need to be prepared for escape masters. Goats are quick learners and after just few times watching you lock their pen they will try to figure it out how to do it themselves. And believe us they suprised us so many times!!! We purchased our first goats to have as pets but soon decided that we wanted more than just grass-eaters, we wanted to breed Nubians that were structurally correct, well-behaved and productive, as well as successful in the show ring. We carefully select our breeding bucks and does base on their personality and confirmation. 



Our top priority is the herd health.  We feed our goats 16% dairy ration  plus free-choice minerals. Throughout the day all of our goats are out roaming on our 10 acre pastures. Milkers are fed high quality hay during their lactation and kids are raised on a coccidia-prevention program. Here at the Tree House Farm we allow our does to experience the joy of raising their own kids.  It’s really quite a sweet thing to see a mommy goat patiently feed her hungry babies, call out when they call for her, and endure the endless jumping and tugging on her body.